Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quote from JC Ryle

Part two of the book excerpt is coming, I'm just lazy because it takes a lot of formatting and I have been not feeling well. Thanks for your patience. In the meantime, here is a very good quote by JC Ryle, I got from this site.

Young men, God does not show favoritism or respects the honors bestowed by men. He rewards no man’s heritage, or wealth, or rank, or position. He does not see with man’s eyes. The poorest saint that ever died in a ghetto is nobler in His sight than the richest sinner that ever died in a palace. God does not look at riches, titles, education, beauty, or anything of the kind. There is only one thing that God does look at, and that is the immortal soul. He measures all men by one standard, one measure, one test, one criterion, and that is the state of their souls.
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