Sunday, November 15, 2009

Raising the Dead

John 11 tells the story of a dead man that was raised to life.

John 11 tells my story.

I was dead in my sin, though my body looked alive. I had a pulse, my heart was beating, my brain worked. But spiritually, I was dead and rotting. The Bible describes it as walking around with a throat like an open grave.

I would have told you that my life was great. I was having fun, living life, doing the best I could. I enjoyed my lifestyle, at least on the surface. It was a double-edged sword, because while on the outside things were fun and light, on the inside, I was in turmoil. Occasionally, there would be moments where I would see things as they were, I would stop and listen to my conscience, but then I would go back to my soul-numbing life, dead and lifeless.

Then, one day, in the depth of my despair, I heard His voice. Not an audible voice, but looking back, I can see it so clearly. He called me, just as He called Lazarus in John 11:43. I obeyed, bowed my heart and knee to Him, and turned from my life of prideful self-rule. When, in humility, I admitted that I was not good enough and I had no hope outside of Him, in kindness He saved me. He called me out of the grave and gave me new life. He rose me from the dead.

John 11 can tell your story.

If you have not already, admit you are dead in your sin. Turn from your sin. Trust in Christ alone for your resurrection. Your participation in salvation is just as Lazarus'. Jesus calls. You respond in obedience and place your faith in Him (trust Him as you would a parachute if you were jumping from an airplane), and He raises you from the dead to new life in Him.