Sunday, October 4, 2009

The What Centered Life?

The title of this blog is The Gospel Centered Life.

It was born out of my desire to share the love of Christ with others.

My intention is to share, in as many ways as possible, the gospel (means Good News!) of the forgiveness of sins that is found in Jesus Christ.

I will also be sharing the ups and downs and discoveries of my daily walk, as I am able to put things into words.

Be forewarned: I am messed up - BIG time. I struggle with stuff, I let people get to me, I am not loving toward all who I should be loving toward, I get my feelings hurt sometimes, I am hormonal, and sometimes (okay, most times!), I act out of feelings before I think about the consequences. In other words, I'm human. But, the God who knows me inside and out is the One who really counts. Its Him I run to when I have made the same mistake again, after twenty-five other times, and its Him who is able and willing to forgive, and heal the places where I hurt. And by His grace, I can live to try again, and hopefully do better next time. This blog will be full of those attempts.